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Cardinal Mooney Class Captains


What is a Cardinal Mooney Class Captain?

Cardinal Mooney’s Class Captain Program consists of alumni who represent the alumni of their graduating year. Class Captains are ambassadors that help forge and sustain relationships with other Cardinal Mooney Alumni. 

Class Captains are our most important representatives. Their job is both instrumental but also very simple, with minimal time commitment. Class Captains have an interest in staying in touch with fellow classmates and friends. Being a Class Captain is a great way to remain involved with Cardinal Mooney after graduation and Class Captains are as active as their schedule will allow.

How does a Class Captain assist Cardinal Mooney?

Class Captains help alumni and fellow classmates stay connected and maintain relationships with one another and with Cardinal Mooney. Class Captains work with Cardinal Mooney in one or more of the following ways:

Essential Roles

  1. Maintain current contact information and track down “lost” alumni for their class
  2. Communicate with classmates via phone, email, or social media
  3. Help collect news such as graduations, marriages, births, class members’ accomplishments, and awards. 
  4. Keep classmates up-to-date on events and news about Cardinal Mooney. 
  5. Promote class participation in the Annual Appeal
  6. Encourage and increase participation in Cardinal Mooney events and alumni activities. (A personal invitation from a classmate goes a long way!)
  7. Brainstorm additional ways to keep in touch with alumni and Cardinal Mooney
If you are interested in being a Class Captain for your graduating class, please email Dan Kilian at [email protected] or call him at 810-765-8825 ext. 16.