Staff Directory

Cardinal Mooney Catholic
2022-2023 School Year
Name Email Subject/Office
Campbell, Ken  [email protected] Athletic Dept. Assistant 
Coomes, Steve [email protected]
Social Sciences
DeFauw, Joel [email protected] Mathematics
Densmore, Patty [email protected] Secretary
Durand, Lynn [email protected] Mathematics
Engel, Beth [email protected] Business Manager
Fomina, Olga [email protected] Science, Mathematics
Gibbons, Emily [email protected] Mathematics/Online
Kelley, James [email protected] Social Science/English
Kilian, Dan [email protected]
Director of Advancement
Kostakis, Chris [email protected] French/Italian
Lapeyre, Fr. Louis [email protected] Pastor Delegate
Lazar, Andrea [email protected] Art
Loughead, Alexander [email protected] English
Mahn, Kevin [email protected] Athletic Director / Assistant Principal 
McAndrews, Michael [email protected] Director of Admissions
McCarville, Daniel [email protected] Spanish
Meyers, Kathleen [email protected] Secretary
Praet, Cynthia [email protected] English
Roussel, Norma [email protected] Science 
Crachiolo, Gregory [email protected]
Theology/Campus Ministry
Stachelski, Jennifer [email protected] Interim Principal 
Toupin, Claire [email protected] Music/Choir/Theatre/Theology
Toupin, Mary [email protected] Director of Student Services, Counseling
Uppleger, Scott [email protected] P.E./Health