Return to School Sports Update - June 2020

Cardinal Mooney Return to Athletics Info

As of 6/10/20

To: Athletes, Parents, Coaches and Administrators,

From: Ken Semelsberger, Athletic Director Cardinal Mooney H.S.

As all of you are aware, we are going through some difficult times and we are working with the State, the MHSAA and the Catholic League to bring back sports in the fall. So, we will be following the protocols below.

On June 9th, Governor Whitmer sent out new instructions on the opening of the state for outside participation. We are in Section 1 and will be following those guidelines.

I have received info from the MHSAA and the Catholic League and Cardinal Mooney will be following these guidelines for our summer workouts until they are updated by the governor.

  • As of now there will be no indoor workouts of any kind allowed. They will be part of the next phase, hopefully.
  • Outside activities can be held with up to 100 participants using the following guidelines:

          a.) Social Distancing is required

          b.) Masks are recommended but not required 

          c.) All athletes must complete the CHSL Questionnaire concerning their

               Covid 19 status. Their temperature may be taken and a series of 

                questions will be asked and if their temperature is above 101.3 or

                they answer yes to any of the questions on the survey they will be sent 

                 home to see a doctor. They cannot return until cleared by a doctor.  

  1. Any equipment used must be cleaned and sterilized as often as possible. 

         Minimally  before and after workout.

  1. If at any time there is lightning, the workout is over and athletes are to be 

         sent home immediately.

  1. All summer workouts are voluntary.
  2. All MHSAA Out of Season Coaching Guidelines must be followed.

Thank You for your continued support of Cardinal Mooney. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at